Tomasz Adamusiak, MD, PhD, Director Medical Informatics Lead, Pfizer Innovation Research Lab, Pfizer

Ashish Atreja, MD, MPH, FACP, Chief Technology Innovation and Engagement Officer, Medicine, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Munther Baara, MS, Head, New Clinical Paradigm, Pfizer

Kevin Bateman, Scientific Associate Vice President, Merck 

Kamaljit Behera, MBA, Industry Analyst, Transformational Health, Frost & Sullivan 

Lauren Bevivino, Manager, Risk Management and Central Monitoring, Integrated Data Analytics & Reporting, Janssen 

Melaina Boyce, Director, Clinical Applications & Innovation, Biopharma, Global Clinical Operations, EMD Serono

Sid (Siddhartha) Chowdhury, MS, Clinical Trial Manager, Global Clinical Services, Alkermes, Inc. 

Matt Cooper, Business Development & Marketing Director, NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) 

Ronald Dorenbos, PhD, Associate Director, Materials and Innovation, Takeda Pharmaceuticals 

Laureen Dorschel, Clinical Study Risk Manager, Risk Based Monitoring, Clinical Data Operations, Technology and Standards (CDOTS), UCB Biosciences, Inc.

Michelle Everill, Senior Director, Head of Global Feasibility, Janssen 

Nnamdi Ezeanochie, MD, DrPH, Senior Manager, Behavior Science, Johnson & Johnson

Jane Fang, MD, Head, Clinical Business Management & Analytics, MEDI Biologics Unit, AstraZeneca

Pablo Gersberg, Head, Digital Solutions, BlackThorn Therapeutics 

Basker Gummadi, IT Strategy & Digital Transformation, Digital Innovation, Bayer U.S. LLC

Lena Granovsky, Director, Analytics and Big Data, Teva Pharmaceuticals 

Anne Marie Inglis, PhD, Senior Director, Global In Country Clinical Operations, GSK 

Farhan (CJ) Hameed, MD, MS, Senior Director, Global Real World Evidence Center of Excellence, Patient & Health Impact, Pfizer Inc. 

Jane M. Jacob, PhD, CCRP, Vice President, Research and Clinical Affairs, Orthofix 

Liping Jin, Data-Driven Recruitment Lead, Pharmaceutical Research & Early Development, Roche 

Brian Johnson, Associate Director, Corporate Projects, R&D Innovation, Otsuka 

Suzann Johnson, Associate Director, Investigator and Patient Engagement Projects, Global Clinical Development Operations, Janssen R&D 

Steve Kanes, MD, PhD, CMO, Sage Therapeutics

Daniel Karlin, MD, CEO, HealthMode; Former Head of Clinical, Informatics, and Regulatory Strategy, Digital Medicine and the Pfizer Innovation Research Lab

Nechama Katan, Associate Director, Central Monitoring Lead, Risk Based Monitoring, Data Monitoring and Management, Clinical Sciences and Operations, Global Product Development, Pfizer

Amir Kesten, Senior Director, Head of Digital Health Platform, Digital Health, Teva Pharmaceuticals

Eileen Leonard, Executive Director, Global Pharmacovigilance and Epidemiology, Bristol-Myers Squibb 

Ankit S. Lodha, MS, MBA, Associate Director, Clinical Analytics & Innovation, Global Development Operations, Shire, part of Takeda Pharmaceuticals 

Jennifer Lohan, Director, Product Management, ERT

Marina Malikova, PhD, MA, Executive Director, Surgical Translational Research Operations and Compliance, Boston University

Lisa Moneymaker, CTMS Process Architect, Amgen 

Kim Mooney, MS, CGC, Associate Director, Patient Advocacy, Ultragenyx 

Amanda Moore, Associate Director, Clinical Operations & Development, SAGE Therapeutics 

Amy Neubauer, Director, Data Quality Oversight, Alkermes, Inc.

Linnea Olson, Lung Cancer Patient Advocate

Carlos Orantes, CEO, Accel Research Sites 

Raj Pallapothu, mHealth Solutions Global Lead, Bayer 

Vera Pomerantseva, MS, PMP, Senior Central Monitor, Central Monitoring, Bristol Myers-Squibb

Charity Roddy, MBA, Senior Manager, Feasibility Enrollment Retention Optimization (FERO), Global Clinical Operations, Biogen

Kerensa Saljooqi, Associate Director, Clinical Operations, BlackThorn Therapeutics 

David Sall, President & CEO, Patient Enrollment Advisors 

Dennis Salotti, COO, The Avoca Group 

Lisa Shipley, Vice President, Global Digital Analytics, Merck 

Michelle Shogren, Head of Innovation in Portfolio and Operations, Pharma Development, Bayer

Cassandra Smith, MBA, Associate Director, Investigator and Patient Engagement, Janssen

Jiao Song, Associate Director, Janssen Clinical Innovation

Mark Springer, Associate Director, Consultative Services, IQVIA Technologies

Luke Stewart, Senior Director, Product Management, Saama Technologies 

Adrienne Strickler, Associate Director, Risk Management-Central Monitoring, Integrated Data Analytics and Reporting, Global Clinical Development Operations, Janssen R&D

Linda Sullivan, MBA, Executive Director, Metrics Champion Consortium

Dave Thompson, Real World Evidence, Syneos Health 

Michael Walega, Head of Centralized Monitoring, Global Clinical Operations, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Laura Whitmore, Director, R&D Innovation, Corporate Projects, Otsuka 

Liz Wool, CCRA, CMT, TIACR, Principal Consultant, Qstream 

Anne Woollett, RN, Head of Clinical Trials Programs, Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

Jinming Xing, Postdoctoral PharmD Fellow, Biomarker Development, Novartis

Patrick Zbyszewski, Vice President, Data Management, Onconova

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