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2016 Speakers to Date

Heather Achenbach, Senior Director, Clinical Trial Management, Novo Nordisk
Kamal Abbassi, BS, MS, Information Manager / Project Manager Early Development Workflows, pRED Informatics, Roche Innovation Center New York
Dimitris Agrafiotis, Ph.D., Vice President, Chief Data Office & Head, Technology Products, Covance Inc.
Amer Alghabban, Vice President, GxP QA, Compliance & Training, GxP Quality Assurance, Karyopharm Therapeutics Inc.
Peter Alterman, COO, SAFE BioPharma Association
Jean Baumann, Change Management Specialist, JMB Consulting, LLC
Mary T. Brophy, M.D., MPH, Director, Maveric Core Laboratory, VA Boston Healthcare System
Omar Ceren, Senior Specialist, Global Development Architecture & Innovation IT, Merck
Margaret Chan, Study Leader, Operations, Roche Innovation Center New York
Steven Coca, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine, Internal Medicine, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Ashish Cowlagi, Program Director, IBM Watson Health
Michelle Crouthamel, Project Manager, ID, NS, Digital PPU, Projects Clinical Platforms & Science, GlaxoSmithKline
Mary Cusack, Associate Director, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Rosemary Dillon, Associate Director, Clinical Outsourcing & Operations, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Jessica Dolfi, Manager, Solution Consulting, Medidata Solutions
Sophie Egholm Chapelle, COO, Senior Management, Cerespir
Aaron Fleishman, Technology and Product Innovation, BBK Worldwide
Stacy Foley, Project Director, Global Risk-Based Monitoring Implementation, Merck
Donna Gandt, Area Vice President, Unanet
Kyle Given, Managing Principal, Professional Services, Medidata Solutions
Derek Hall, Associate Director, Quality Assurance GCP, Incyte
Patrick Hankey, Principal Platform Adoption, Patient Cloud & mHealth, Medidata
P. Lloyd Hildebrand, MD FACS P-CEO, Professor, Department of Ophthalmology, University of Oklahoma
Sheryl Jacobs, Vice President, Global Study Operations, Amgen
Robin Jenkins, Head, Clinical Trial Data Sharing & Disclosure, Sanofi
Hassan Kadhim, Business Consultant, IS BP R&DM, Boehringer Ingelheim
Ed Kellar, Director, Global Data Management Operational Support, Astellas, Inc.
Hady Khoury, Vice President, Global Head, Research & Alliance Services, Peri-Approval & Observational Research, Commercialisation & Outcome, ICON plc
Greg Koski, Ph.D., M.D., President and CEO, Executive Office, Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES)
Randy Krauss, Director, Clinical Process Optimization, Shire
Timothy S. LaCroix, MBA, Head, Business Development, PharPoint Research, Inc.
Andy Lawton, Global Head, Data Management, Biometrics & Data Management, Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd.
Janis Little, Vice President, Global R&D Quality, Allergan
Victor Lobanov, Ph.D., Executive Director, Data Sciences, Covance Inc.
Robert Loll, Vice President, Business Development & Strategic Planning, Praxis
J. Scott Lowry, MBA, CEO, HealthIDx
Marina Malikova, Ph.D., MA, Executive Director, Surgical Translational Research Operations and Compliance, Boston University
Catherine Marshall, Director, Clinical Data Science, Pfizer, Inc.
Angie Maurer, RN, BSN, MBA, Clinical Operations Consultant, PALM/Clinical Operations, Gilead Sciences
Muzafar Mirza, Director, Global Clinical Trial Execution (GCTE) Development Operations, Global Product Development, Pfizer, Inc.
Kate Nabewaniec, Director, Clinical Outsourcing, Bluebird Bio
Hamid Najafi, CTO and Co-Founder, Sensoplex, Inc.
Nick Neri, Platform Manager, ERT
David Nickerson, Senior Director, Portfolio & Vendor Quality, Pfizer
Ryan Norris, CTO, Be the Partner
Brian Nugent, Associate Director, PALM, Clinical Operations, Gilead Sciences
Kate Owen, Vice President, Clinical Trial Management, Novo Nordisk
Jason Paragas, Director, Innovation, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Stuart Pearce, Director, Information Strategy and Analytics, Development Operations, Worldwide Research & Development, Pfizer, Inc.
Liz Roberts, Senior Director, Global Lead, Transparency and Data Sharing, UCB
Marie Rosenfeld, Director, Development Operations, Contracts & Outsourcing Vendor Management Lead, Astellas Pharma Global Development, Inc.
Philip C. Ross, Director, Data Sciences TR&D, Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacometrics, Exploratory Clinical and Translational Research, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Jeffrey R. Sachs, Senior Principal Scientist, Merck
Scott Scarola, Senior Director, Business Analytics, PPD
Marc Sebes, Vice President, Product Management, Validic
Lisa Sergas, Associate Director, Clinical Outsourcing, Medivation
Jeremy Sohn, Vice President and Head, Digital Business Development & Licensing, Novartis
Badhri Srinivasan, President, Remarque Systems, Inc.
Johanna L. Stamates, RN, MA, CCRC, CHRC, Executive Director, RCQA (Research Compliance and Quality Assurance), University of Miami
Abbe Steel, CEO, Corporate, HealthiVibe, LLC
Sameer Tandon, Clinical Trial Intelligence Manager, Clinical Sciences & Innovation, Novartis
Shawn Tedman, Associate Director, Site Selection Lead, Site Selection & Engagement, Global Clinical Sciences & Operations, UCB BioSciences, Inc.
Mukta Tripathi, Clinical Science Visual Analytics, Genentech
Manoj Vig, Enterprise Architect Big Data, Information Technology, Shire Pharmaceuticals LLC
Samuel Volchenboum, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Pediatrics and Fellow of the Computation Institute; Director, Center for Research Informatics; Associate Chief Research Informatics Officer, Biological Sciences Division; Associate Director, Institute for Translational Medicine, University of Chicago Medical Center
Tim Williams, Ph.D., Head, Research, Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD), Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)
Haiming Wu, Principal Engineer, Technical Development, Biogen
Anita Zubak, Executive Director, Global Clinical Trial Operations IT, Merck

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