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January 20, 2020 Clinical Research News  Waving a Magic Wand To Fix Clinical Trial Challenges - an interview with Jane Myles, Founder and Director, JemTech

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Clinical Trial Outsourcing and The Need for Collaboration and Performance Metrics

Thomas P. Lawler III, MBA, PMP, Founder & Managing Partner, BaywynSolutions, LLC

Tom Lawler, Founder & Managing Partner, BaywynSolutions spoke to CHI to discuss the role of teamwork in outsourcing relationships for clinical trials and some of the tangible challenges, delays, and errors that can come from teams lacking a collaborative framework. He also discusses some metrics groups can use to measure their success in their outsourced relationships.

Tom is speaking at Outsourcing for Clinical Trials, taking place April 25-26, 2017 in Boston as part of the Clinical Trial Innovation Summit. For details, visit:www.ClinicalTrialSummit.com/Clinical-Outsourcing/

Outsourcing in Clinical Trials: Lessons Learned from a Pharma and CRO Perspective

Vatche Kalfayan, Senior Director, Clinical Operations, Pfizer

Vatche Kalfayan, Senior Director, Clinical Operations, Pfizer spoke to CHI to discuss the lessons learned about outsourcing for clinical trials from his experience working in pharma and founding a CRO. He discusses the biggest challenges clinical trial professionals are facing in their outsourcing models and strategies, as well as some examples of how the field is changing and what he’s working on to drive some of that change.

For details, visit:www.ClinicalTrialSummit.com/Clinical-Outsourcing/

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